Chapter One - Something Only God KnowsEdit

The glass shattered as it hit the wooden floor of my somewhat large house, it wasn't exactly mine, I was only a 12 year old kid for gods sake, but I lived there with these horrific imbeciles I called my "adoptive family", Aceline, that bitch I called my mother, Elliot, the guy I was forced to call my father, and those three little immature brats called James, Christof and Matthew, I will never see the day them three shut up and be quiet for three seconds.

My stupid ass "mother" ran up to me and yelled,

"Beau Timothy Michau-I mean Lune, what on earth do you think you're doing." I gave her a pissed off glare,

"It was either that or I destroy your wedding dress, which one would you have preferred?" She glanced at my arms which were covered with bracelets as they were heavily scarred. I stepped on the ceramic with my bare foot, just to get her attention, she knew who she was dealing with here. She sighed and turned around to leave tugging along her bag with her. I grinned and looked at my now blood stained foot, I sat it down onto the warm wooden floor again, moaning from the pain of it all.

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