Adrea Leigh

Daughter of Boreas

(This Character Belongs to Rawr)



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Basic Info
Full Name Adrea Leigh
Pronunciation A-dre-a Lee
Meaning None
Born 21st January 1994
Current Age 18
Gender Female
Species Demigod
Sexuality Bisexual
Status Alive

Grace Leigh and Boreas met went Grace went on a family holiday to Canada. Grace was only 18 years old at the time but Boreas came to her in the form of an 18 year old boy. Grace and her family only stayed in Canada for 2 months but in that short time Grace fell for Boreas.

When Grace left Canada and went back to San Francisco, she was expecting a child. Grace's parents were obviously disappointed but still wanted to help Grace through it. Adrea was then born 21st January 1994. On that night Boreas came to Grace and explained everything, but told her to keep it a secret from her parents. Grace died that night from the exhaustion of childbirth and the shocking news from Boreas.

Adrea ended up being raised by her grandparents, who were rich and looked down upon most people. Adrea loved them but hated their arrogant attitudes; it made her rebellious against them. From the age of about 12, she’d started staying out late and misbehaving in school. This obviously angered her grandparents but Adrea didn't care, she just wanted to annoy them in every way possible. By the time she was 14, she was staying round late at a friend’s house yet again.

This was when she witnessed her first monster attack. It was a wild harpy; the mist changed it enough that nobody other than Adrea knew what it was. However a satyr was nearby and smelled out the monster, he handed Adrea a weapon to use against it. Adrea’s battle instincts kicked in and she managed to defeat the monster. The satyr explained to Adrea about the gods and such but she wanted none of it.

Adrea was happy with her life and didn't want something like this ruining it for her. The satyr, with much regret decided to let her go with nothing but the sword to protect her. After this, Adrea’s family moved cities which made it much harder for monsters to track her down although her grandparents never knew this.

By the time Adrea was 16, she lived a completely reckless life. She stayed out all hours, she drank at parties. Her grandparents had completely lost control over her. One night Adrea was drunk at a party (like normal) but this time her boyfriend Blake at the time was there. Things happened, they drank too much and well…you can guess the rest. A few months after this, Adrea discovered a shocking truth. She was pregnant.

Adrea was terrified, what if the monsters came back and attacked her child? What would her grandparents do? Adrea knew she needed Blake’s help. However Blake left almost immediately when he found out, he refused to be a father. Adrea was heartbroken and faced her grandparents’ wrath alone. Once she gave birth to the child (who was a boy), he was whisked away to be adopted by an unknown couple.

This caused Adrea to become the major bitch that she is now. A year after this, Adrea was forced into boarding school. Her grandparents just couldn't tolerate her. Finally monsters had found her again. She’d stayed at the boarding for just over a year when she was attacked. Thankfully she still had the sword the satyr had given her all those many years ago. She used it to defeat the monster. The words which the satyr told her about camp rang in her ears; she decided she’d give this place a shot.

Adrea wrote her grandparents a letter explaining where she was going, assuring them she’d be safe. Then she made her way over there.

Background Info
Hometown San Fransico
Type of Childhood Complicated
Most Important Childhood Event Meeting Blake
Type of Smarts Street
Religious Views Hellenist
Earliest Memory Drawing all over her grandparents bedroom wall with markers
Firsts Kiss = Forgot
Sex = Forgot
Love = Blake
Family Info
Mother Grace Leigh
Grandmother Nadine Leigh
Grandfather Mark Leigh
Father Boreas
Half-Siblings on Godly Parent side Boreas' Cabin

Tumblr m57b78if4F1rx8du1o1 500 230px
Eye Colour Green
Hair Colour Light pink (tends to dye it a lot)
Height 5"9'
Weight 153lbs
Nationality American
Native Language English
Ethnicity Caucasian
Accent American
Handedness Ambidextrous
Shoe Size 7
Blood Type N/A
Voice Soft
Eye Sight 20/20
Languages Spoken English
Health Status Healthy
Clothing Style Alternative, Indie.
Distinguishing Marks Tattoos on her back, leg and arms
Body Style Slim and slender

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General Info
Relationship Status In a relationship Flare Mendes
Nicknames Bunny
Angel Face
Sign Aquaris
Meaning of Sign Element = Air
Ruling Planet = Uranus
Symbol = Water carrier
Birth Stone = Garnet
Current Location Camp Half-Blood
Boreas' Cabin
Pets None
Likes The cold
Playing bass
Dislikes Dubstep
Stupid people
Fears/Phobias Death
Hobbies Playing bass
Motto I need to do something before I go insane in this place.
Things She Won't Do Ask for help
Person They Secretly Admire Vanessa Vilkas
Most Influenced By Danny Worsnop or Ben Bruce
Moral Compass Points north
Most Important Person Before Camp Blake
Most Important Person Now Flare Mendes
Immediate Goals Get a pet
Long Term Goals Marry Flare

Vices Alcohol
Bad Habits Smokes 
Sleeping Habits Insomniac

Dream Job Bass guitarist in a band
Current Job None
Quirks Playing with her hair

Colour Pink (it changes all the time)
Music Metalcore
Food Any
Animal Spiders
Book WIP



Skills Using a Sword and her powers
Weapon of Choice Sword
Strengths Defensive
Weaknesses Offensive
Quests Led 0
Quests Been On 0


  1. Children of Boreas have the ability to create gusts of icy wind which slow the movements of all effected by them as well as carrying small, sharp blades of ice which can tear into an unarmored opponent.
  2. Children of Boreas have the ability to call upon a focused ice storm which freezes a small area into solid ice, trapping anyone in the area within it; this effect does not last long.


  1. Children of Boreas have the ability to create a dome shaped torrent of wind, roughly two or three times the size of the user, which can be used to block attacks for a very short time.
  2. Children of Boreas have the ability to create a small tornado, about the size of the user, which can be used to block projectile attacks for a short time.


  1. Children of Boreas are stronger in the cold.


  1. Children of Boreas have the ability to hover or fly, however, the longer they fly the more it drains them.
  2. Children of Boreas have the ability to turn pure water into ice at will using a cold breeze.
  3. Children of Boreas have the ability to call upon a massive snow flurry which obstructs view and lower the body temperature of all that are susceptible.

3 Months After Character is MadeEdit

  1. Children of Boreas can create a hail storm, with up to baseball size hail, for a short time.

6 Months After a Character is MadeEdit

  1. Children of Boreas can create armour and weaponry out of pure ice which is quite sharp; however, it is also fragile and must be mended or replaced often, which uses up large amounts of energy.


  1. Children of Boreas are able to withstand cold temperatures.
  2. Children of Boreas are often ambidextrous, a trait they share with Notus' children.

General Personality

She tends to be sarcastic, blunt and very honest. No matter who you are to her, she will tell the truth whether it’s good or bad. She can be bitchy and doesn't really like hanging around with too many people. Usually she will judge by first impressions. She can get angry easily and will lash out completely.

This tends to get her in trouble as she doesn't know when to stop. She also prefers to use her mouth than her brain. Once you get to know her however, she’s a great person and comes out of her shell.

Reacts to a Crisis? Tends to use her mouth more than her brain
Face Their Problems? Head on
Reacts to Change She can deal with it
Alignment Neutral

Attitude Realist
Personality 60% Introvert, 40% extrovert
Talents Playing bass
Social Skills Sarcastic
Mannerisms Rude
Peculiarities WIP

One Word to Describe Bitch
Best Physical Trait Hair
Worst Physical Trait Nose
Things to Change About Self Be more...nice?
Mental State Fine
Mental/Emotional Disorders None
Emotional Stability Fine

Greatest Fear Dying
Most at Ease When? With someone she knows well

With Flare

Priorities Flare
Past Failures Running away from home
Biggest Accomplishment WIP
Darkest Secret Had a child at 16
Secret Known by Anyone? Flare Mendes
Personal Tragedy Not being able to keep her son
Outlook on Life WIP
One Wish To meet her son
Character Flaw WIP

Relationships With Others
Ever Cheated? No
Relates to Others? WIP
Perceived by Strangers WIP
Perceived by Lover WIP
Perceived by Friends WIP
Perceived by Family WIP
First Impression WIP
Family/Friends Like Most? WIP
Family/Friends Like Least WIP

Name Relation Feelings
Boreas Father He's alright.
Grace Leigh Mother I wish I knew her.
Mark Leigh Grandfather He's a prick at times but I love him.
Nadine Leigh Grandmother Same thing with my grandfather.
Flare Mendes Boyfriend He's perfect and I love him. He should be glad he's getting that much of a compliment out of me.
Orlando Firenze Crush's complicated.
Blake Ex-boyfriend He's a f*cking c*nt who I hope rots in the Underworld.

Role Character Plays Camper/Demigod
Inspiration Behind Creation Vodka...>.>
Future Goals WIP
Current Relationship Wonder/Flare Mendes
Current Active RP's None

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