He was always smiling; it was a beautiful, bright smile that brought warmth to anyone who saw it. His outwardly appearances were perfect; way brown hair, spring green eyes, and an athletic yet slim build that made the school uniform look even more appealing. When I asked who he was, people shook their heads at me and said that he was danger; a predator. Others called him an attention-seeking slut or whore; a person who would simply enter your heart and leave without a second though. He passes by a couple times, hearing the vicious words, and bit his lip with sad eyes-obviously trying not to cry-but returned to that beautiful smile and keeps walking.

He came up to me one day after I joined the football team with the brightest smile and stuck his hand out, introducing himself. I echoed him and he said it was a pleasure to meet me but I didn’t know if he meant it behind his smile. Suddenly, a handsome, taller young man creeps up behind him and covers his eyes and asks him to guess who it was. My new friend laughs and giggles out a name. They embrace and kiss before turning to me, introducing me to the black-haired athlete. They then excuse themselves, leaving me with new thoughts.

I silently follow them out of the parking lot; people mutter and roll their eyes as they turn to look at the two laughing and yelling. I creep behind a wall, still watching them as they climb onto a pick-up truck with older seniors laughing and yelling with them before they were offered something. Stunned, I rub my eyes and see the beautiful boy take a joint into his mouth, inhale, and exhale with a blissful appearance while the others snicker. This continues for long minutes before the boy seemed dazed and in a trance; the others started stripping off his clothes, molesting and taking advantage of his high state.

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