Author's note

Yeah this will most likely be the shortest chapter since I can't think of very much for it.

I sprinted towards the car park as soon as the bell rang. Depsite the heavy load of my backpack, I tried to run as fast as I could. Mrs Parks was my last and only chance now. She had to help me. Once the assembly finished, the school spent the day creating cards and picking flowers for Mr Davidson's funeral. His brother and sister came over too, they said they liked our designs. Mrs Parks wasn't seen since the end of the assembly and since we were all in the hall, it was hard to keep track of everyone.

My breath started getting heavier but I didn't care. I just had to find Mrs Parks, I couldn't just let her go now. Finally I reached the car park and leaned against a car, trying to catch my breath. Suddenly I saw a red eyed Mrs Parks, holding two boxes stacked on top of each other, stumbling towards her car. I swerved through the maze of cars and grabbed a box out of Mrs Parks arms. She squealed and gasped when she saw me looking at her.

"My goodness Glen, y-you shouldn't do that." I stared down at my feet guiltly but I just had to talk to her. "Mrs Parks...I had to talk to you about something. I know it's not good timing but..." I bit my lip and continued to look down. I saw Mrs Parks face turn from a surprised glance to a sad, almost pitying expression. "I know what you mean to ask me Glen. I'm sorry but...I have no power over that. At all and...I'm afraid I'm retiring." She sighed and I looked at her in horror. She was just going to leave me? Leave me with him? How could she? How the hell could she do this to me.

She grabbed the box out of my small arms once she placed the first one in the boot. She turned back to me and I saw her eyes water. But I didn't care. I had no pity for her, nobody would help me now. Mr Davidson left me and now Mrs Parks was. "Glen...I'm sorry my dear. Please know that...if I could've helped you, I would. It's just...I can't. The memory hurts. It will always hurt me." I rolled my eyes, I exprienced so much pain and you didn't see me wallowing in self pity. "If you really cared about me or Mr Davidson, you'd be trying to help me. Not abandoning me. Don't deny it, you're abandoning me so you can cry over all your pathetic memories. I don't care anymore, go ahead and leave me like Mr Davidson."

Mrs Parks covered her mouth before taking in a sharp breath. She slammed the boot of the car and opened the driver door. I crossed my arms and tried blinking out the tears in my eyes. Finally the car started up and she drove out of the car park. I stood there for a few seconds before crying out loud. Why did everyone hurt me and leave me? I kicked the tyre of a nearby car in frustration. Suddenly a middle aged man popped out from the car.

My eyes widened in surprise as I took in his appearance. It was Mr Davidson's brother from the assembly. He had a kind look in his face, he was also much younger than his brother. That much was clear. Instead of glaring and preparing to yell at me, he bent down to my level and smiled. "Now son, I don't think my car deserves to be kicked eh? I think it's a really nice car actually, brand new as well." He slid his hand over the car's bonnet and grinned at me.

I just stared at the ground, I could feel my palms starting to sweat up. The last thing I needed was another panic attack but I hated new people. He tapped his thigh, expecting an answer but I couldn't find my voice. Mr...well Davidson coughed loudly before speaking again. " got a name son? It would be nice for me to know my own students." At those words, my head sprang up to face him. I looked at him curiously, so he was our new headteacher. He didn't seem that bad. At that thought, I opened my mouth to make conversation.

"Glen...Glen Adams..." I saw his eyes light up as I said my last name. "Well looks like I finally get to meet the famous Glen. My brother spoke a lot about you son." I felt myself blush at those words, it made me miss the other Mr Davidson even more. Suddenly I saw him jump up and down, he jumped so much that his glasses fell off. I could see quite clearly that he had the same green eyes as the other Mr Davidson.

I was startled and I felt my breath go more shallow. If he didn't calm down, I'd be lying against his car barely able to breath. "My brother told me you had a knack for art. Is that true?" I nodded slowly, turning my attention back to the ground. He beamed and grinned widely at me. "What would you say to painting a picture of my brother? I can't think of anyone better to paint it than his favourite student."

My jaw dropped as his words sunk in. I was going to paint a picture of my favourite teacher ever. I stammered before giving up and just nodding. The new Mr Davidson punched his fist in the air with a happy laugh, I never saw someone so...happy. Just as I started to calm down from my SAD moment, Mr Davidson pulled me into a bone-crushing hug. I yelped and tried to get out of his grasp.

"Oops...sorry son. I got a bit too happy there." He smiled and patted my shoulder. "I'll find you the day after tomorrow so we can get started. Oh and also, we'll need to ask your parents about it too." I know they'd just whatever to my new headteacher but I felt so happy right now. Too bad it was short lived.

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