Author's note

Kay so I fast forwarded a couple of years so Glen's about 9/10 now. So yeah, you find out a lot of shit happened in the past year or two so ENJOY IT'S EPICNESS. >.>

I stared at the gravestone with a blank look. I hadn't been here since the funeral. I touched the gravestone, letting my fingers run through the ingravings. It read:

"Abigail Rebecca Grant lays here, born only to die. Beloved daughter of Samuel and Mandy Grant, younger sister of Glen Adams." 

I sighed as my hands slid over my name. I refused to let them ingrave Grant as my last name, I wasn't going to let my little sister be buried with false name. I looked around the graveyard, it was spring again. The air was warm and crisp, wind blowing through the trees and causing the grass to sway with it. I threw the Orchid flower onto the grave and stood up. I couldn't bear to be here any longer.

I know it's been a whole year...but the fact I came here by myself since the funeral was an achievement. I will never forget my mum's pregnacy or even the day Abigail was supposed to be born. All of that would stick in my head forever. It was a year in which Samuel didn't abuse me was a free year. I sighed sadly as I remembered the day I found out...

"Glen James Adams get down here this instant!" I jumped and my pencil skidded off the page. I cursed silently. My drawing of Sonic the Hedgehog was ruined now. I put my sketchbook on my bed and slowly got up. Once I reached the bottom of the stairs, I wanted to run back up. Samuel had his arms wrapped around my mother's waist. She looked so...happy. There was no bags under her eyes and her face was full of joy. Why'd everyone have to be so happy when I was sad? Even Samuel wasn't glaring at me for once.

I sighed and gave them a blank expression. They just kept staring at me with those happy faces. If they carried on, I'd snap. My temper was always bubbling under the surface these days. I rolled my eyes before speaking. "Well? What's so important that my drawing had to get ruined?" My parents looked at each other before my mum slipped out of Samuel's arms and bent down to my level.

"Glen I have some very happy news. For all of us. It's been well over a year since me and Samuel got married and you're a big boy now so...we think you'll happy to know this." She took a deep breath before continuing. "I'm pregnant Glen. You're going to be a brother." I just stared at her as it sunk in. My mum was expecting Samuel's baby. Samuel was going to be a father. My mum was going to have another child. She continued to beam as I saw Samuel slice his finger across his neck behind her.

"But...I don't want you to have a baby. Not with..." I trailed off as I saw my mum's face fall. I didn't care I upset her, she upseted me everyday of my life now. Samuel's eyes bored into mine. For a few moments I couldn't snap out of his gaze, I just stared back. Suddenly my mum stood up and turned away from me. I knew she was crying but whatever. I couldn't honestly give a damn. She walked towards the kitchen and shut the door. I was about to go back upstairs when Samuel tapped my shoulder.

He sighed and looked at me strangely. "Glen...I need to ask a favour of you." I laughed bitterly and shrugged him off. "Why would I owe you anything? You haven't done anything to earn any favours." "It's for your mum then. Not me. If you...accept this child then...I'll stop abusing you. Forever. I've even cut down the drinking." I was about to laugh when I saw how serious he looked. Was it true? He'd stop abusing me? I just continued to look at him.

He sighed again and gripped my shoulder. "I'm being serious Glen, nice to your mum okay? You don't know how much she wants this much want it." I nodded slowly and looked at my feet. It really was going to end...

What a load of crap that was. I laughed to myself remembering how he completely lied to me and himself. After the nine months, after the birth...after the death he went right back to his old self. It hurt as I thought about it. My mum started night shifts instead of day, the abuse started again. So did the hunger pangs. I sighed and rested my head against the bench I was lying on.

I didn't want to go back home but I had to...I stared at the blue sky once more before getting up again. I wish I never went home because what happened changed me forever.

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