Jason Parks was a rich man, mainly due to his parent’s vast fortune. But due to this high name and fortune, he managed to get a job as a businessman. Not just a simple businessman, but one that would take years to get in the social ladder, thanks to his parents. Jason became a powerful and even richer man in the short time of a few years; this attracted the attention of Aphrodite. Jason was rich, powerful and handsome; just how Aphrodite liked them. Aphrodite planned it perfectly; she knew where he used to like to hang around, a local bar near his workplace.

There, Aphrodite and Jason finally met each other. They bonded over the course of the evening, drinking and laughing the night away. By the end of it, they exchanged numbers, something which Jason didn't expect. Months passed and they were dating. Aphrodite had even gained the approval of Jason’s parents and brother Ciel, something which hadn't happened with any of Jason’s other girlfriends. Jason was surprised at how much they got along, he soon realised he was in love with her. But Aphrodite finally had to break the truth to him when she discovered she was pregnant.

Jason was heartbroken when Aphrodite left him with their daughter. His parents weren't supportive at first and neither was Ciel, but after a few months they bonded with Holly quite well. Holly grew up spoilt rotten; she had everything handed to her on a sliver platter. Literally. Luckily Jason along with the rest of his family knew that Holly was a Demigod and did their best to make sure Holly was safe. By the age of 10, Jason knew that monsters would be arriving soon. So he told Holly the truth about her heritage.

With that, Jason sent her to the camp in America that Aphrodite spoke about. Holly spent summers and other holidays there till she was about 11, Holly was very well trained by this time. Jason, along with his mother and brother went to the airport one summer to pick up Holly from camp. While driving there, Jason fell asleep at the wheel from long work hours. His brother tried to take the wheel but it was too late and the car collided with a brick wall. All three were rushed to hospital, and Holly was taken home by a friend from camp called Anthony, whom she looked up to as a big brother. Once Anthony left, for his own reasons Jason and Holly’s grandmother were pronounced dead.

The remains of the Parks family were grief-stricken. Just months after their deaths, Holly’s grandfather died too from the stress of losing his son and wife. The family fortune was left to Ciel, who wanted to spend the money on his own selfish needs. Instead of keeping his niece, he asked the social services to send her to an orphanage. Since all the local ones couldn't take 12 year old Holly on, she was taken to Belfast in Northern Ireland. There Holly met Kellin O’Connor, a strange boy who didn't talk to the other kids much. Soon Kellin and Holly became the best of friends; everyone in the orphanage knew they were inseparable.

When they were about 13, a year after them meeting each other a Dracnae attacked them at their school. It was the first monster Holly had fought since training at camp but she knew what to do. But at the same time she also had to protect Kellin who she thought was just a simple mortal who could see through the mist. But Holly was wrong as when she threw him a pair of twin daggers, Kellin fought the monster like a true demigod. Holly was surprised yet happy as her best friend was also a demigod like herself. She explained to Kellin about the Greek gods and about the camp in America.

But Kellin was too nervous to go to some unknown camp, he knew he wasn't ready at all and so did Holly. So they waited a few years, Holly training Kellin up for camp. Over time, Holly developed feelings for Kellin which obviously weren't one would have for just a friend. But Holly decided to wait till the right time to tell Kellin how she felt for him, which was the fact she was in love with him.

At the age of 16, they both had enough waiting. So Holly and Kellin booked tickets to America and made their way to camp. Just at the camp boundaries, a Harpy caught up to them and sadly nobody but them both was around. Holly cursed herself when she realised they only had the twin daggers as weapons and the Harpy lunged for Kellin. Holly quickly jumped in front of him, pushing him to the ground as the Harpy’s claws collided with her instead. Kellin stabbed the Harpy quickly, but not quick enough. Holly made her final wish to Kellin that he’d enter camp before any other monsters attacked.

Holly lived as a ghost for a while, not truly at peace about her death. Holly went to Persephone, begging her to turn her into a Nymph. Persephone remembered that once at camp, Holly had helped one of her children. Persephone granted her wish and Holly returned to camp as a Honey/Bee Nymph.

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